Always Care For The Ones You Love The Most (Clannad/Clannad: After Story review)

Hey there!

So I know I know, I said it’d be yesterday that I’d post this but truth be told? I wanted it to be right because this is, after all, my favourite show so I wanted to do it justice.

Now, to get it out there, It’s so hard to explain what Clannad is about so I’ll try my best but if you want a proper run down of what it’s about; here is a link to it:

Actually, I tell you what, it’s probably best that you read those because I’m sat here thinking of a way to write the summary of it and I just can’t think of a way to put it so it’s probably best you read them!

Now, I’ll start with a disclaimer, this is NOT PERFECT and I can’t stress that enough, the anime is nowhere near perfect and I have to disclose that now because I know a lot of people disagree with why Clannad is so high on peoples’ list of favourites.

However, I love it regardless of its flaws. The animation style is beautiful and the story is the best story I’ve ever seen (that’s not an exaggeration either but I’ll get to that in a bit) and it has the most amazing music I’ve heard in a while.

So I’ll start at the start shall I? Let’s do it!

Now the main characters of Clannad are Tomoya and Nagisa. Their characters are built straight from the start, right from the get go, you get some background info about them, Tomoya more than Nagisa but trust me, the character development in this does not fail to impress. Most people say you can probably watch the second season without the first but I COMPLETELY DISAGREE!

The first season introduces you to the characters and the development and you get attached to the characters and you understand all of the happiness and the troubles they go through and you get to witness it all. I think that is fundamentally important.

You need to know these characters and they lives in order to get the full impact of the second season. And boy the second season is where this main review is coming from so I highly recommend you watch the first before watching the second.

So I said earlier about this having the best story ever? Yeah, let’s talk about that.

So the story is one of great passion and love for friendship and family and it certainly lives up to the “slice of life” genre it claims to be. It shows you the good, and funny not to mention, parts of life and how happy you can truly be when you have what you love the most but it isn’t afraid to show you some of the toughest moments you can experience in life. This story really made me cry and laugh and smile and angry and everything the characters felt. You connect on such a personal level with everyone and you can really sense the power in all of the most important scenes.

The second season is where the story really picks up and where it shows you it is finally ready to get into the “life” part of “slice of life”.

All of this is accompanied by the music. The music in composed especially for this anime and it suits it to a T. I even have some of the songs saved on my phone because they are beautiful. The end song too is so unique it made me cry for like the 1000th time.

Overall this anime is perfect (to me) and I cannot recommend it enough! Even to people who don’t watch anime, watch it! It’s a story that I believe everyone can connect with and truly understand. It really is my favourite and I could talk for hours and hours as to why it is!
I love Nagisa’s Dad (Akio) who is the funniest man in this show and he never fails to make you laugh but he is also a very caring and mature guy who is also not afraid of the troubles and challenges in life. He too has secrets that he only shares with the people he loves and cares the most for.

I adore the fact that there is NOT A SINGLE KISS IN THE ENTIRE ANIME!

This just shows that you don’t need to show the romance to feel it and to know it’s there and that’s truly great.

It really is.

Now I could go all night about this anime but I’ll stop because I’ll end up boring you half asleep as a ramble on and on! But I seriously cannot over state the importance this show had on my life too.

It’s made me understand to take a step back and appreciate everything I have and everything I ever will have and that alone is a reason to watch it.

But I’ll leave that for you to decide.

As for now? I’ll get going because I think I have to start watching this again because I am just too in awe about this show and want to watch it again!

I’ll catch you all on the other side!

Have fun and,

Chao Chao!


9 thoughts on “Always Care For The Ones You Love The Most (Clannad/Clannad: After Story review)

  1. Clannad is definitely an amazing series and absolutely unique in anime. If it ended with just season one, you’d still have a really good, really solid romantic series, but in After Story, it goes where no anime has ever gone (that I know of) and hasn’t since, someplace that’s so raw and authentic and about the real world while being in a fantasy one. Amazing, amazing, emotional show.

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    1. It certainly is, I have searched quite extensively for shows like it but it’s come up short, it’s such an amazing feat to have gone that route of story and to make it so real and so unique. For me it defiantly changed the way I view things in life and for me, that is probably the main reason as to why it is top of my list of favourites

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      1. I’ll check it out after I finish work, I could go on all day about how it relates to me which I may go more into on another post at some point. But I think that’s what’s beautiful about it, so many can relate because it doesn’t hide the though times people have.


      2. That was absolutely amazing, I’m actually speechless. I think your relation to the show is actually quite moving and the way you talk about yourself and how you want to apologise for not being the “prefect” Dad actually makes you more of an outstanding father than you think. I mean I’m relatively inexperienced in life but I think I think I’ve been through enough to relate to the story in a very different way and I’d be happy to talk about it in another post if you think that would be a good idea?


  2. A great article. It sums up also why I find Clannad my top favorite of any anime series, because of its raw power. There are some that approach it, but none equals or surpasses it, despite its minor flaws.

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    1. I completely agree, I recently watched A Silent Voice and that was just outstanding. However I wouldn’t consider it better or equal to Clannad but then again, I wouldn’t say it is too far behind either.

      A Silent Voice is defiantly another anime to watch by the way (if you haven’t seen it already)!


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